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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  December 8, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EST

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everng in one place. my stop & shop. >> now on newscenter 5's "eyeopener." correct and we can be stupid but it will get worse and worse. randy: donald trump out with more controversial comments on muslims. the remarks getting strong reaction, and the fears they'll encourage terrorists. emily: "t" fares could be changing soon. the options on the table today including a plan to restructure the system. randy: new issues for the kennel where dozens of animals died in a fire. the setback for the troubled business on the eye. for this tuesday. >> you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader.
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this is newscenter 5's "eyeopener." emily: also on the eye this morning. a railroad employee trying his hand at music. earning him internet fame. it's ahead this morning. good morning. i'm emily riemer. randy: we'll see how the singers do with his direction. and i'm randy price. danielle in for cindy this morning. danielle: it's a wet start for some but a lot of us waking up to pretty mild temperatures. we're not going to warm up all that much through the day. what you see really is what you get on the maps especially points south and east where you're already in the 40's. that's where you're going to hold through the day. notice though in the 20's through the merrimack valley so if you're starting out your morning there, you definitely want to grab a. in the 30's in worcester. 38 in boston. now as we go through the next 12 hours, say, down along the south
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notice showers will be with us through about lunchtime. and then it should be winding down. i notice we're real he'll only going to warm into the upper 40's as we go through your day. the other big story with this is winds are gusting upwards of 20 miles an hour near the coastline. associated with this area of low pressure, here comes the showers making their way on the islands right now but heavier downpours just to the south of the south coast moving in to parts of rhode island. then the south shore, you will be getting in on some of this rain. everyone could use it. the best bet for the timing is 10:00 a.m. down. it's mainly south and east of 95 today so if you are commuting in this morning south you're going to run into some showers. cloudy and cool on your ride home. now let's see how the traffic looks this morning. good morning, olessa. olessa: good morning, everyone. and the leverett connector. you can see the delays start to go pick up heading into boston. let's get to the maps and check
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as you head north of town 95 south so for volume out of dascomb road. we're also watching some delays on 495 south. the ramp to 93 there's an accident there so expect some volume. picks up that delay once again 93 south concord street down to spot pond. so far the pike east bound doesn't look tood ba. 15-20, 495 to 128 and then 24 northbound heavy out of brockton and delays on the expressway building. 15-20 braintree to boston. emily. breaking overnight. police are investigating a stabbing in dorchester that sent a man to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. it happened at a home on nightingale street. details are still coming in, but crews on the scene did see a woman taken into custody by officers. we'll bring you more as we get it. randy: breaking overnight. an air france flight from san francisco to paris diverted to montreal's trudeau airport after an anonymous bomb threat. the flight landed safely just before midnight.
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plane. and searched. they're investigating the threat. last month, two air france flights from the united states to paris were diverted because of bomb threats. trump: we have no idea who is coming into our country. we have no idea if they love us or if they hate us. we have no idea if they want to bomb us. randy: donald trump igniting a political firestorm this morning calling for a complete shutdown of all muslims entering the united states. and those comments are causing serious backlash on the campaign trail and here in massachusetts. emily: the eyeopener's sera congi is live at the state house with details and reaction. sera: emily and randy. trump's comments are being called ridiculous and anti-american by many in both parties including massachusetts governor charlie baker. governor: completely inappropriate. it runs against what i think is is sort of one of the fundamental founding principles of this country. sera: also speaking out against trump this morning, local islamic leaders who say he is playing right into the hands of
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>> look, donald trump's campaign was a joke until it started to incite and instill fear. now it's scary. it's time for the american public to come together and say no to these types of candidates. sera: last month, trump called for surveillance on mosques and said he would support a database tracking muslims in the u.s. this latest proposal drew nearly immediate opposition from his republican rivals. jeb bush tweeting that trump is, quote, "unhinged." sera congi, wcvb, newscenter 5. randy: donald trump will be live with george stephanopoulos today on "good morning america." that's at 7:00 a.m., right after the eyeopener. republican candidate ben carson is calling for all visitors to the united states to be monitored while they're in the country. his comments came not long after trump's proposal. a carson spokesman said all visitors should have to register when they arrive in the u.s. but added that should not be based
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he did not offer specifics on how this would work. emily: new overnight. right now a major fire is under investigation in sturbridge. this was the scene when crews arrived at 126 river road around 9:30 last night. the flames were so intense, firefighters called for a fourth alarm to bring in help from more than a dozen surrounding communities. no one was hurt. the state fire marshal's office is helping with the investigation. right now we are waiting for new details on a possible fare hike on the "t." the eyeopener's todd kazakiewich is live in brighton to set the stage. todd? todd: emily, good morning. this is certainly something that commuters and even occasional t-riders are keeping a very close eye on. today's public meeting could signal what kind of fare hike we're talking about. the informational hearing is set for this afternoon in boston. "the herald" reports it's expected to cover the mbta's new draft fare policy that would establish the guidelines for hiking fares. "t" officials have said they'll make fare changes public by
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in february. that could include restructuring the fare system with discounts for low income riders. today's hearing is at 4:00 p.m. we'll keep you posted. todd kazakiewich, wcvb, emily: new this morning. the company that operates the commuter rail may not be providing enough room for everyone who wants to ride. in october, the rail line saw a surge in seat shortages. 179 trains according to "the keolis gets fined by the state when they run trains without enough seats. randy: three suspects are behind bars right now after a tense and, at times, violent court appearance. dwayne diggs, dondre snow, and daquan peters are charged in connection with the killing of a 38-year-old man in south boston saturday night. several fights broke out at their arraignment yesterday. the victim's brother says he was a construction worker and father of three. court records show there were
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one of the teens accused of killing a new bedford veteran walked away from the fall river group home that was watching over him. new this morning, an internal review is trying to determine how he remained on the run for more than two weeks. 18-year-old alexander mills and a 16-year-old are accused of killing donald depina who was giving them a ride in his cab. mills was supposed to be under the supervision of d.y.s. until he turned 21. although local police were informed about him going missing, according to "the globe" state police weren't notified until two weeks later. emily: a new setback for the owners of a kennel that went up in flames in paxton. the eyeopener's erika tarantal is here with the decision to pull the kennel's license. erika: that decision coming from the board of selectman. it was back on november 22 that dozens of cats and dogs were killed in a fire at the sweetpea friends of rutland animals kennel. according to "the telegram," the board wants to look at ways to
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operations. there have been claims that animals were living in conditions deemed unsuitable. that after an inspection just a few days before the fire. the move to pull the kennel's license does impact businesses not affected by the fire. it shuts down the boarding facility that was not damaged. that was a key source of income for the operation. the suspension can be appealed. as for the cause of the fire, it is undetermined at this time. emily: the jury could get the philip chism murder case by the end of the week. they will have to decide if chism was hearing voices the day he killed his danvers high school math teacher and if they were enough to make him criminally insane. a psychiatrist testified monday that the teen did express remorse for not ignoring the voices in his head before stabbing colleen ritzer. >> not really understanding that the voices were an illness, not being able to manage it, being an accomplice in response to the
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behaviors that were really not him. emily: testimony resumes in a few hours. randy: updating you on a story revealed by "5 investigates." a member of a mexican drug cartel with ties to new england learns his punishment. rafael celaya has been sentenced to 17 years in prison in a new hampshire court. he along with seven others were indicted for a scheme to smuggle cocaine into the u.s. and europe. but it was all a set-up run by the boston office of the f.b.i., many of the meetings caught on tape. those recordings obtained exclusively by "5 investigates," meeting inside a hotel room outside portsmouth, new hampshire. the investigation also notable for how close it got to the head of the cartel, joaquin "el chapo" guzman. he's now a fugitive after escaping from a mexican prison this summer. tom brady's legal team with some tough words for roger goodell. emily: what they say he denied the quarterback as the deflategate appeal approaches.
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after being mysteriously hurt. the real injury mistaken for an animal bite. randy: new this morning, fight aging by eating differently. three foods to make you look more youthful, ahead. danielle? danielle: our stretch of mild weather is ending. the chance for showers today and when things warm up again. first here's what to expect when you head out the door
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>> good morning, "eyeopener" randy: the u-10 woburn tanners waking us up this morning with enthusiasm. emily: they just wrapped up an
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two thumbs up for you guys. great job. we would love to see your wake-up call. just go to the front page of and upload it in the u-local section of our website. olessa: thumbs up for you on the weather forecast and the weekend forecast. danielle: last weekend was great. this weekend even better. upper 60's, maybe-- upper 50's, maybe 60. first this morning we do have to get through some clouds and some rain for some associated with that area of low pressure. you see that is going to graze our coastline at it travels to the north and east through the morning hours. it is cool out there. it breezy out there. and that is how it is going to unfortunately. i do want to show you those in. basically from block island down to the vineyard and nantucket. it is is finally making it to the ground there. in some areas falling at a rate of about a quarter of an inch per hour. all this is lifting to the north so new bedford, hyannis, you would be up next for some of
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in fact, the future cast is indicating that by 8:00, it's making its way up through the cape. it continues through about lunchtime. showers could push as far north as, say, boston although i think 95 and points south and east have the best bet of seeing any showers. steadiest rain though is the morning. then in the afternoon we start to taper things off. by evening, we actually start to clear the skies just a touch. you can see right now over boston the camera is shaking just a touch. because we have some pretty strong winds out of the north at about 12 miles an hour. it is currently 38 degrees in boston. but it makes it feel more like 30 degrees. that's that wind chill value, what you dress for. wind chill values are in the 30's and 20's in most locations. as you can see these winds are anywhere from 10 to 15 miles an hour right now. and that is where they're going to stay. on the cape and the islands, it will be windy through the afternoon with winds sustained up to about 20 miles an hour and
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hour. so it's a windy day. it's a cool one. it's a cloudy one. only making it really into the low to mid 40's for high temperatures and then tonight we drop back into the 20's and 30's i think we're going to clear the skies just a touch. there may be some areas of fog developing and then tomorrow we do it all over again with temperatures in the mid 40's to a few even upper 40's for highs. another chance for rain is going to come on thursday. it's also dealing with another coastal low that could bring a couple of showers and then friday we'll see some clouds. we're watching another system. that's a warm front. so with that is is going to actually do is bring in warmer air so we're in the mid 50's by friday, upper 50's by saturday and 60's. emily: it keeps getting better. olessa: 70's by monday? danielle: you're pushing your luck. olessa: good morning, everyone. so far it's a quiet start on the roads. that volume. there's a live look at the zakim and the leverett connector as
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into boston let's check out the rest of your ride as you travel north of town. still watching that ramp accident 495 to 93. that ramp is partially blocked and then delays of course on methuen all the way down to spot pond. another accident cleared away near montvale avenue south of 128 on 93 south. west of town you're doing okay. the pike building. those delays now 25 minutes 495 to 128 and then volume 24 north out of brockton. 95 approaching 128 and your trip on the expressway almost 25 braintree to boston. trains and buses still running on schedule. emily: thank you. the deflategate saga continues this morning. tom brady's legal team is firing back at the nfl's appeal. the 73-page document re-asserts the players' association belief that commissioner roger goodell denied brady his rights during the investigation and appeal and that judge richard berman got it right. the nfl wants a court of appeals to reinstate brady's four-game suspension. oral arguments are scheduled for march. randy: this miniature horse is
6:19 am
acushnet. this morning his owner is on a mission to save his life and get him a new leg. more than $2,000 has been donated to help max. his owner didn't realize the two-year-old pony had been shot at first. she thought he had been bitten by something. but when she took him to the vet a few days later, an x-ray revealed max had a bullet wound. >> the options are to put him down because he can't survive with three legs. that's just not right for him if it's not going to heal right and he's going to be in pain which we don't want to do. randy: so the plan is to get max a prosthetic leg. police are also investigating who shot the animal. it could have been a hunter who didn't realize what happened. emily: economic headlines this tuesday morning. asian stocks fell today as oil prices tumbled to an almost six-year low, rattling investors on wall street. energy companies hit the hardest. the dow lost 117 points. u.s. stock futures are down right now. a snag this morning for staples merger talks. the federal trade commission is
6:20 am
takeover of office depot. the f.t.c. says the deal would reduce competition in the office supplies market. staples is offering to buy rival office depot for more than $6 billion. keurig may soon have a new owner. the single-cup coffee giant is in the process of being bought by a private equity firm for almost $14 billion. keurig has been dealing with slowing sales of its machines and k-cups. the company headquarters will stay in waterbury, vermont. randy: the secret to anti-aging might be closer than you think-- in your kitchen! start adding tumeric to your meals. the spice contains pigments that enhance the body's own synthesis of anti-oxidants. research shows it also protects brain and skin cells from free radical damage. that means fewer wrinkles. the next time you are out for sushi, get a hijiki appetizer. the seaweed helps regulate hormones and enhances liver detoxification.
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green vegetable juice. in the winter months, mix up your greens. spearmint, meyer lemon, and spinach have components to give you new energy. make you look just beyond radiant. emily: like green tea. randy: a tennis court with an aquatic theme and a train conductor with a new talent. emily: it's ahead in eyepoppers. erika? erika: then new at 6:30. a holiday surprise for a new hampshire family. the generous gift from a stranger. and dozens of college students sick after eating at a local chipotle. the e. coli scare forcing a tough decision for the b.c. basketball team. and a packed meeting over a petition to cut an entire police department. why some people in new hampshire say they cannot trust officers.
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danielle: hi there. i'm meteorologist danielle vollmar. i want to show you that the rain is pushing to the south coast, the cape and the islands this morning. more of it will be ongoing through the morning hours. it's cold out there though. i want to talk about the temperatures. 20's in concord and keene. 0's in boston.
6:24 am
it's been a warm month for december so far running well above normal. you can see 5.9 degrees above normal. and today we'll be right around where we should be this time of year. tomorrow a couple degrees warmer. by friday in the mid 50's. by the end of the weekend, we could be flirting with 60 degrees. emily. governor baker helping to light the menorah at the state house on the second night of hannukah. the holiday lasts eight days because, according to tradition, when the jews re-dedicated the jewish temple in jerusalem, one vial of oil, enough for one day, burned for eight. randy: all right. olessa is back with eyepoppers. it's 6:25. olessa: what will the folks over an under-water tennis court, of course. the idea comes from a polish architect who wants to construct the complex under the persian gulf. it's stunning. these are artist renderings of the complex which is estimated to cost up to $2.5 billion. however, at this point there are no investors for the project.
6:25 am
randy: no. there is stunning architecture there but this may be a little bit much. olessa: this might be pushing it a little. olessa: the yale glee club spreads some holiday cheer on a metro-north train. when the conductor found out the group was on the train, he insisted for an impromptu performance. and he conducted them in "carol of the bells." i've been on the train at night. usually the only singing is from someone who has had one too many drinks. this is a very pleasant surprise. randy: they may have too. olessa: they may have but they know what they're doing. randy: and the conductor went over the top. olessa: but it's working. emily: thanks, guys. still ahead, a national security use for social media. sites can take a bite out of terrorism. and a dramatic crash in new hampshire. how police say a bad move in the
6:26 am
>> now on newscenter 5's "eyeopener." randy: political firestorm. trump: we have to stop the muslims until we find out what's going on. randy: the ban from donald trump causing outrage here and on the campaign trail. todd: dozens of students sickened. the possible link to a popular restaurant chain and the warning going out right now. emily: and a surprise leaves a mom speechless. >> it said, "have a merry christmas." emily: the note that has a grateful family trying to solve a holiday mystery. on the eye. >> you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning! this is newscenter 5's "eyeopener." randy: 6:30 tuesday morning. we're live on the waterfront here in boston. good morning. thank you so much for joining us
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emily: and i'm emily riemer along with olessa. danielle in for cindy this morning. not a bad start to the day. it's not super cold. olessa: a little chilly. danielle: a little chilly in spots in the merrimack valley. you are so hard to please. olessa: it's a little chilly. you'll need to warm up your cars and a jacket. randy: get a coat. danielle: you may get rain if you live in parts of the south shore, the rain and the cape and the islands because we have rain moving into that area. it's associated with a coastal area of low pressure bringing showers that are finally making it to the ground on the vineyard as well as on nantucket as well as the south coast of rhode island. now you can see them now lifting to the north and east. this whole area here. then all of this will be pushing off to the east as we go forward into time. so best bet for the rain is through the morning hours and then about 1:00 it starts to lighten up. by 4:00 it's pretty much gone. we're talking south and east really of 95 although boston may
6:28 am
the other story though is the wind. we see wind gusts up to about 20 miles an hour now in plymouth. so it's going to be a breezy day and through the day in boston, we warm up only into the mid 40's. there could be a couple of showers, as i said, between 10:00 until 12:00 or so but those winds are breezy. it is cloudy everywhere. and it is cool through the day today. however, big changes are coming. a major warm-up is on the way. we'll talk about that in just a second. cloudy and breezy at the bus stop for the kiddos. on the ride home the same thing. let's look at the roads this morning. good morning, olessa. olessa: good morning, everyone. a like look outside. the zakim bridge picking up the rush-hour delays. let's get to the maps and check the rest of the ride. travel times as you head north 93 southbound is heavy into salem. then once from men theun down past das come road to wilmington. it stays slow to spot pond. more delays as you approach the leverett connector. watching an overheight vehicle
6:29 am
expect lane closures. west along the pike about a 25-minute trip 495 to 128. south of town 24 heavy out of brockton. 95 delays from sharon. and route 3 from weymouth into braintree. once you get there your ride on the expressway almost a half-hour into boston but the trains and the bus s are running on schedule. emily. emily: olessa, thank you. we're following breaking news right now. a flight from san francisco to paris is diverted overnight after a threat. the air france jet is on the ground and safe in montreal. an airline official would not elaborate on the anonymous threat. randy: also breaking overnight. police are investigating a stabbing in dorchester that sent a man to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. it happened at a home on nightingale street. we are told that a woman was taken into custody by police officers there. trump: they have no respect for human life so we have to do something. emily: donald trump is igniting outrage after calling for a complete ban on muslims entering the united states until further notice.
6:30 am
from both parties are voicing opposition to the comments. randy: right now. a warning for anyone who has recently eaten at a boston chipotle mexican grille. more than two dozen people are fighting e. coli symptoms including members of the boston college men's basketball team. emily: the eyeopener's todd circle with the decision team todd? decision. the decision is whether the basketball team will hit the court tomorrow night. because the illness that is affecting eight players. the focus of the reported illnesses-- the chipotle here in cleveland circle. it's closed this morning. not just because of the early hour but also because of the situation. signs on the door read "closed due to circumstances beyond our control." at this point, 30 students have gotten sick; among them eight members of b.c.'s men's basketball team. >> they are pretty sick. some of them couldn't get out of bed today. >> i just went to eat here this past weekend, and i was really
6:31 am
my house. todd: chipotle issued a statement saying, "we do not have evidence to suggest that this incident is related to the previous e. coli incident." a few months ago, more than 50 people fell ill in nine states. all of them eating at the popular restaurant chain. if confirmed, this would be the first issue with a chipotle in massachusetts. the restaurant is closed pending an inspectional services investigation. todd kazakiewich, wcvb, newscenter 5. emily: a recent ruling giving a man a new murder trial could signal a win for the defense team of the marathon bomber. the u.s. appeals court first circuit in boston on monday ordered the new trial for a man convicted of murder based on pretrial publicity. legal analysts who talked to "the globe" say the tsarnaev defense will try and make comparable arguments as they seek a new trial for their client. tsarnaev was sentenced to death earlier this year and is being
6:32 am
prison. a fiery crash on route 202 in henniker, new hampshire, leaves a man dead and another injured. investigators say 52-year-old todd gross was speeding in the breakdown lane when he merged into traffic and hit another car. gross's truck then rolled over several times, hitting a tree before catching fire. the area was closed for several hours. the other driver suffered serious injuries. randy: standing room only at a meeting in canterbury, new hampshire. the crowd strongly supporting getting rid of the town's police department following scandal. however, some selectman say residents might be misguided. >> i think some of the signatures may be on here because people are under the misimpression that there is coverage available to us full time or that we don't need a police department. randy: the meeting comes as chief john laroche is under investigation for sexually abusing a teenage girl more than a decade ago. he is on paid administrative leave this morning. a petition submitted by elimination of the entire
6:33 am
>> the chief has mud all over his face so we have no reason to trust our police department. randy: selectmen said they will discuss options brought up at the hearing, including hiring a consulting firm and creating a police review committee made up of residents. emily: is very unusual story here. an eight-year-old fighting breast cancer. randy: the steps being taken to fight this rare form of the disease. plus a new hampshire family will have a brighter christmas, thanks to a stranger. wal-mart in epping. emily: and ahead in news to go. oscar pistorius back in court after being convicted of murder. the rules he'll have to live by until sentencing next year. spend less time chasing sales
6:34 am
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olessa: good morning. welcome back to the "eyeopener." a live look outside 93 in somerville. southbound side very slow ride for you here. you've got those delays out of methuen down into wilmington approaching spot pond and it stays slow all the way down to the leverett connector. luckily, no accidents to report at this time and danielle not seeing any rain drops on this camera shot but south of town a different story. danielle: a different story especially if you live near the cape and the islands. already seeing the rain there. all this is lifting to the north
6:36 am
local live radar showing the showers over the south coast of rhode island as well as the vineyard and nantucket. temperatures in the 20's in the merrimack valley. upper 30's in boston. mid 40's for the south shore. best bet for the rain today is that area you see in green. emily. emily: danielle, thank you. a holiday surprise for a new hampshire family. this is the mysterious note left in their bag of christmas gifts after a stranger paid part of their layaway bill. a few weeks ago, robin ayers and her husband put a bunch of items on layaway at the walmart in epping, new hampshire. this past weekend, robin went to make a payment on the gifts, when she found her balance was significantly less than what she was expecting, she was able to that's when she found a note in one of the boxes. >> it said, "have a merry christmas. may your family be blessed. god is always watching. have a very merry christmas." >> i feel really happy about someone doing that for our family. emily: robin says the stranger paid $150 on her children's gifts.
6:37 am
them for their kindness. randy: updates ahead on one of our breaking stories this morning. the threat forcing a plane to make an emergency landing. and a new way of gauging americans' safety. the new warning from homeland security. (soft music) p - [voiceover] we've spent a lifetime mastering the senses, so you can get the most out of life.
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randy: good morning. it is 6:44.
6:39 am
brighton. emily: and erika has the new setback for a kennel that was the site of a deadly fire. we'll get to all of those stories. first though danielle with the forecast. this rain is sort of creeping us -- creeping towards us. danielle: it's a slow-moving system. the cape is up next for it. that may be it. real owe only south of i95 is i think where the showers will be. want to show you that. it's associated with this area of low pressure. let's move in and see where the rain is. you can see it's along the south coast of rhode island moving into parts of the south shore. also do want to point outhat there are a couple of flurries mass. don't be alarmed if you see them. they may just be around a couple of showers though over the vineyard and nantucket and all of this again lift to go the north and the east. so the future cast shows you it will be with us through about lunchtime. and the showers could get as far north as, say, boston. although i think 95 may be the cut-off. everybody else though will be
6:40 am
today and it will also be on the breezy side and the cool side. winds are out of the north-northeast at about 10-15 miles per hour. and that's really where they're going to stay. they will be the strongest by the coastline especially along the cape and the islands. as far as temperatures today, shore. mid 40's in and around worcester and then down along the south shore, you're seeing the mid 47 duxbury. the cape and the islands in the upper 40's for highs today. and the rain chances should wind down once we get past lunchtime so the next three days look like this. today we're going to see some rain towards the south but tomorrow we're dry. and there be will be a few more showers on thursday but back in the 50's. 50's sound good, don't they, olessa. olessa: 60's sound even better. thanks, danielle. good morning, everyone live at the expressway by the gas tank northbound side very slow ride as you travel near morrisey boulevard. let's get to the maps and check
6:41 am
north of town 93 south still heavy out of methuen. cleared away an accident on the ramp from 495 to 93 but 93 stays slow down to spot pond and again approaching the leverett connector. there's an overheight vehicle stuck there on storrow drive eastbound by the longfellow bridge. expect lane closures and the pike eastbound right now almost 0 minutes from 495 to 128. more volume on 24 north out of brockton. 59 delays from sharon and route 3 from route 18 to the braintree split. 30-35 on the expressway braintree to boston. trains and buses still on schedule. emily. breaking overnight. police are investigating a stabbing in dorchester that sent a man to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. it happened at a home on nightingale street. details are still coming in, but woman taken into custody by officers. we'll bring you more as we get it. randy: breaking overnight. an air france flight from san francisco to paris was diverted to montreal's trudeau airport. there had been an anonymous bomb threat for that flight. the flight landed safely just before midnight.
6:42 am
members were evacuated off the plane. everyone was searched. just last month, two air france flights from the united states to paris were diverted because of bomb threats. new controversy for donald trump is getting strong reaction from polls in massachusetts. the eye's sera congi is at the state house with the governor's reaction to trump's call for a ban on muslims entering the u.s. sera: emily and randy, members of both parties as well as leaders here in massachusetts are calling trump's comments anti-american. trump: it's going to get worse and worse. you'll have more world trade centers. >> he's simply ridiculous. sera: trump's campaign claims the candidate's proposal comes in response to what they're calling a level of hatred towards americans from, quote, a large segment of the muslim population. but islamic leaders say trump is playing right into the hands of isis by inciting fear. other g.o.p. candidates for president were quick to respond. jeb bush calling trump's comments "unhinged." live at the state house this
6:43 am
newscenter 5. with george stephanopoulos today on "good morning america." that's at 7:00 a.m., right after the eyeopener. emily: republican candidate ben carson is calling for all visitors to the united states to be monitored while they're in the country. his comments came not long after trump's proposal. a carson spokesman said all visitors should have to register when they arrive in the u.s. but added that should not be based on religion. he did not offer specifics on how this would work. todd: chipotle here in cleveland circle remains closed after an apparent outbreak of food poisoning. the restaurant was forced to close after 30 students got sick. that includes eight players on boston college's men's basketball team. whether the team will hit the court tomorrow night. chipotle issued a statement saying as of now there is no correlation between this case and the previous e.coli incident that affected 50 people in nine states, not massachusetts.
6:44 am
circle will remain closed pending an investigation by inspectional services. reporting live in brighton, todd kazakiewich, wcvb, newscenter 5. erika: the sweetpea friends of rutland animals shelter lost dozens of cats and dogs to a tragic fire last month. now they've lost their license. the board of selectmen in paxton says they want to look at ways to better regulate kennel operations before reissuing it according to" "the telegram." it was november 22 when the shelter caught fire. it's still not clear how. an inspection just days before indicated possible unsuitable living conditions for the animals. a boarding facility run by the organization will have to close for now. the suspension can be appealed. emily: changes are coming to the terror alert system in this country. homeland security secretary jeh johnson says it will better inform the public about threats, but he didn't give any specifics. this will be the third change to how the homeland security department warns the public about security concerns since
6:45 am
terrorist attacks. the obama administration is expected to release more details soon. randy: mounting pressure on social media platforms to oversee terrorist activity. u.s. senators are pushing legislation that would require facebook, twitter, and youtube to alert authorities of any suspicious activity. emily: jeb bush and hillary clinton will both be campaigning in new hampshire today. bush kicks off a three-day tour in manchester followed by a stop in hooksett. clinton has an event in salem tonight. randy: right now a fire is under investigation in sturbridge. this was the scene when firefighters arrived at 126 river road around 9:30 last night. the flames were so intense, firefighters called in help from more than a dozen surrounding communities. no one was hurt. the state fire marshal's office is helping with the investigation. emily: the hudson, new hampshire, teenager hit by a car on sunday is now in stable condition and is expected to survive. according to "the lowell sun," he's expected to be released from mass general within the next two or three days.
6:46 am
crossed highland street. the driver and two other passengers were not hurt. the collision is under investigation and at this point, no charges filed. oscar pistorius back in a south african courtroom today after an appeals court convicted him of murder. overnight a judge granted him bail and put him under house arrest until his sentencing. the olympian has already been under house arrest since his release from prison in october. the defense team wants to take the case to the country's constitutional court. pistorius shot and killed his girlfriend in their home in 2013. randy: an eight-year-old girl just underwent a mastectomy after she was diagnosed with a rare form of breast cancer. chrissy turner had the knowledge to go to her parents when she felt a lump in october. both of her parents have had their own cancer battle. chrissy's form of breast cancer has a high rate of recurrence so doctors will be keeping an eye on her about every three months. emily: the mbta is looking at raising fares for riders. a public meeting today could
6:47 am
we're talking about. "the herald" reports the meeting is expected to cover the mbta's new draft fare policy that would establish the guidelines for hiking fares. "t" officials have said they'll make fare changes public by january 6 with a vote expected in february. randy: a train plows into a car in orlando. the people inside were able to get out just in time. the car got stuck on the track. those who live in the area say this happens all the time. turned out to be a rough night for the bruins taking on the nashville predators back home at early in the first, kevan miller put the bruins on the board. all tied up in the second when loui eriksson scores on this power play giving the bruins another lead. but nashville tied it up and scored again in the third to win 3-2. the bruins are in montreal tomorrow. emily: the celtics had a much better night down in new orleans. isaiah thomas taking charge with a game-high 22 points for the
6:48 am
jae crowder and jared sullinger also helping the team overpower the pelicans in their 111-93 win. up next, celtics back home to host chicago tomorrow. randy: an emotional concert in paris as the eagles of death metal join u-2 on stage in wake of the paris terror attacks. the group was performing last month when their concert was attacked. 90 of the 130 attending killed. last night, they performed the song "i love you all the time." emily: unprecedented security at the vatican today. hundreds of extra police and soldiers are deployed around rome as pope francis prepares to open the holy door of st. peter's basilica. that happened a short time ago. the event marks the start of the pope's holy year of mercy. 100,000 pilgrims are in st peter's square for mass. francis has said he wants the next year to show the merciful and welcoming side of a catholic church. randy: 6:54. olessa stepanova with an update on the traffic.
6:49 am
that volume route 1 in saugus. you can see the southbound side very slow ride as they head into the distance. let's get to the maps and check the rest of your ride. as you travel north of town still watching those delays on 93 southbound it will be slow out of methuen. solid delays all the way down to the leverett connector. over an hour trip. as you travel eastbound you've got that disabled car there on storrow drive. that's also blocking part of the bridge there. it's an overheight vehicle. as you travel eastbound on the pike 25 minutes, 495 to 128. and then 24 heavy out of brockton. we're still watching delays on 95 from sharon and route 3 from weymouth to braintree. 30 minutes braintree to boston. trains and buses running on schedule. it's chilly out there and maybe rain for us? danielle: that's right. we do have rain from this area of low pressure you can see pushing in to parts of the area right now. especially the farther south you live, if you're near the vineyard, say, or nantucket, you're seeing some rain already creep inning to new bedford. all this is lifting to the north. so wire expecting rain showers through the morning hours.
6:50 am
then on the way down as we head through the afternoon. the best bet for the rain is really south and east of 95, i think. boston you may get in on a couple of sprinkles. other than that, north and west, you are cloudy but we're also very breezy through the afternoon. especially down along the cape and the islands in chatham today, winds will be sustained at 10-20 miles an hour. highs will only reach into the mid 40's for today. but the big change is this. mid 40's on wednesday. by thursday low to mid 50's. and then as we head through the weekend, i do want to talk about sunday because sunday i've been talking about this all morning. we could be flirting with near record highs. going for a high of 61 in boston. and 59 in worcester. wouldn't break the record but we would get pretty darned close to that one set back in 1984. either way you look at it, the weekend is warm and it is sunny. a great weekend to be outside smed. emily: a win-win, right.
6:51 am
olessa: enjoy it while you can. emily: if you haven't put up your holiday weekend, it's a great weekend for that. randy: trying to get the lights to work, it will be nice. warm. emily: danielle, thank you. if you are heading out have our wcvb mobile app with you. great to keep informed all day long. randy: thank you for joining us. we hope you have a this holiday, it's time for wegmans. we are a family, through destiny. r living in harmony, we are a family. it's time to savor. time to bake. r with family. from the first toast, to the last dessert.
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